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Welcome to Kelleher Traditional. We're based in Dublin, Ireland since 2010. That's when we began researching, designing and consulting with great Uilleann Pipes players and makers to produce the bags, bellows and piping accessories available to buy on this website. We hope you find what you're looking for. Niall and Daniela

How it started

Daniela's family are old Italian shoe makers and through them we went directly to the tanneries to develop a custom airtight leather treatment for bagpipe bags. It took us months of trial and error until we found it! Our stitched and riveted bags all come guaranteed airtight. They're made out of premium leather with low elasticity and so feel responsive and solid under the arm.

Design and Function

Whether it is our screw out bellows outlets, our sleeve safe valves or even our discreet bag labels, we hope you'll see that a lot of time and care has been put into the design of our products. One particular example: All of the fittings we use in our bellows are interchangeable so that in years to come it won’t be a nightmare to replace any worn out parts. Each and every item that leaves our workshop in Dublin has been personally checked and rechecked by one of us.

Get in Touch!

If we can do anything for you we'd love to hear from you. Just Email us at Your comments and suggestions on any matter are always welcome. We like feedback and ideas even down to the most minor points on improving products

Niall & Daniela
Kelleher Traditonal Limited. Company Number 439653. Directors: Niall Kelleher and Daniela Ferretti. Registered Office: 96 Salthill Apts, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
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