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Chanter and Bag Stocks - Black PVC - Not tied in

A chanter stock and bag stock that you can tie in yourself. NB: Our bag stock is designed to match the widely available NPU made flexible bellows connector (which comes with every new bellows). Alternatively it will fit any flexible connector with an inside diameter between 15.5mm and 19mm.

For those confident about tying in stocks themselves we offer these CNC made chanter and bag stocks in Black PVC.
The chanter stock is 60mm long (39mm of this inserts into a bag neck and this insert is 27mm in diameter). It has a conical bore starting at 12mm and narrowing to 10mm to accept the majority of chanters (please check your chanter before ordering!). Weight 0.04 kg.
The bag stock comes in two pieces, 127mm long when put together. The base piece has a circular groove that helps keep the bag stock in position when tied in. The bore is 10mm wide. Inside is a leather flap non-return valve. Weight 0.055kg.

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Colour Black
Instrument Uilleann
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