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Red Ash - Full Sized - Antique Brass Trim

Our Ash bellows are the best bellows we can make. They come with the best of everything, including an extra waist cushion, brass trim surround and premium buckles.
Comes with a flexible rubber connector.
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Max Product Dimensions: 270mm long and 144mm wide (includes paddle sides overhang and hinge).
Inner Paddle Dimensions: 254mm long and 136mm wide.
Paddle Wood: Solid 14mm Ash, Red colour.
Gusset: Double layer chrome tanned black leather.
Outlet: Solid brass with screw-out fitting (for easier packing away and transport). Fitting's inner diameter 12.5mm, outer diameter 16mm.
Hinge Plates: Top and bottom recessed solid brass hinge plates.
Hinge Leather: Black vegetable tanned leather (1.6mm thick, burnished sides).
Belt Holders: Solid brass.
Valve / Inlet: Black PVC (internal diameter 20mm) with six side holes (to prevent sleeves blocking airflow). Marked with a guide to show when valve is vertical. Leather flap valve inside.
Belts: Fine French black leather. Body belt 25mm, Arm belt 20mm. With metal buckles to match brasswork.
Pillows: Elbow: Hand stitched leather over 20mm closed cell foam.
Waist: Machine stitched leather over 8mm closed cell foam
Trim: Brass strip (antique brass coated) with decorative tacks (see pictures).
NB: All of our leather is sourced through Certified Italian tanneries and made in accordance with European environmental directives.
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